Episode 23 – Mystery Podcast Theatre 3000

Oh boy, three weeks in a row! Do we meander with no real destination? Some would say yes. But it's all a part of life's journey, and we're happy to share it with you.

Episode 22 – We Won, They Lost, and I Hope They Feel Bad

We're back, actually recording two weeks in a row! We chat about the Swift-going-open-source announcement obvs but also some stuff surrounding it, like Docker, its package manager, and the nerds getting mad about the end of "master/slave" as acceptable tech jargon. It's a real banger of an episode.

Episode 21 – They Lost the Repository

Wow, so Ash and Tom are back after a year of hiatus! How exciting. Also Ash forgot to make sure he was recording off his proper mic, and Tom misplaces his proper mic, and they’re both very sorry. So this week, we chat about minimalism in apartments, Canada’s hot new PM, dwelling on the past, Swift compatibility, open source communities, dynamic languages, and networking abstractions. It’s an all-around good time.

Episode 20 – I Don't Think We Have a Corkscrew

So Ash used the wrong microphone for a bit (to hilarious effect) and Tom is in New England. We talk about geography of the East Coast (it's riveting), Ash clears his throat a lot, we discuss our new iPhones 6, then we talk about Primer for a bit. Like, eventually. We kind of talk about a lot of things. It's a talk-heavy show, even for a talk show.

Episode 19 – The Camera Show

This week, we chat about NSSpain, image stabilization, autofocus, SLR technology – just photography stuff in general, really – functional programming in Swift, the Moon landing hoax, the gender gap in the software industry, and wrap up about Richard Dawkins. It's fun.

Episode 18 – The Objective Reality Thing

We're back this week after Ash's near-death cold. We banter for a while, discussing our various addictions, Dutch midrise elevators for-rent, and the weather (we're so sorry). But then we dive right in. We wrap up some talk on gender issues and GamerGate, whether or not an objective reality exists, time travel, the Standard Markdown kerfuffle, the Apple Watch, and negativity in the community.

Episode 17 – Bush did the Red Wedding

We begin with Follow Up. Lots of Follow Up. We talk Swift, Game of Thrones, Spaaaaaaace, Faux Pas (it's got an 'x' in it butcha don't pronounce it), comics, floating point number specifications, cracking Android devices remotely (heh), open source, Tom got married, hating on Malcom Gladwell, and even touch on USB security. Huzzah!

Episode 16 – I Don't Have a spec_helper.rb

We start out this week by taking a short coffee break, talking about Swift, and marvelling at the sheer enormity of Apple revenues. Then we discuss new forms of super-malware before going down a rabit hole of comic books characters.

Episode 15 – No One Wants to Kill Anyone

Holy hiatuses, Batman! This week, we cover some long-overdue follow up, talk about Swift, that app documentary, and how much the world sucks right now. If you're into pop psych, look forward to our discussion of the Fundamental Attribution Error. Finally, we talk about the future of Art.

Episode 14 – Season 2

Ash and Tom are back! We're chatting about our little break, WWDC, Swift 'n stuff, engineering maturity, iOS 8, and other things. Oh, and Ash doesn't watch Game of Thrones.

Episode 13 – Year of the iBeacon

This week, we're talking about language trends, the FM meshnets, Aspect-Oriented Programming, and how Samsung is a dick.

You can skip through to 1:10 to check out our review of Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life.

Episode 12 – The On-Topic Episode

This week, we briefly cover the feminism kerfuffle in tech last week, talk about GitHub alternatuves, meander around some tech news, and talk about designers (lol).

Episode 11 – FTL Morality

This week, we're talking new iOS tools, AppCode and Xamarin, Heartbleed and ethics. We chat about 24, Akamai's super-awesome memory protection, cats, then go back to politics. We wrap up discussing deleting objects in Core Data and the pros and cons of filing radars.

Episode 10 – The API Stack Thing

This week we chat about Ash's trip to Paris, the WWDC raffle, Mozilla's CEO kerfuffle, sexism in tech, and diverge into dirty student politics. It's a brave new world.

Episode 9 – The Episode that Never Shipped

Episode 7 – The Improbable Project

After exploring some basics of microphone technique, Ash and Tom discuss film development and transatlantic flights. Skip to 32 minutes to hear the discussion about the CocoaPods Bug Bash, how to prepare for an iOS job interview, and limiting yourself to just specifically vendored technologies.

Episode 6 – The Freedom Timezone

Ash and Tom discuss Ash's travels to America, the future of CocoaPods, and the ins and outs of using CocoaPods. They also chat about the 7.1 update to iOS and have a slight digression into photography. Ash apologizes for using the mic built-in to his laptop.

Episode 5 – Not Necessarily Not, Either

We kick it off oldschool with discussions about nerdy movie quotes, Xcode workflows, GitHub's hot new text editor, and Tim Cook telling off some nasty investors. Oh, and we bought Tom a new mic for next week. Stay tuned!

Episode 4 – Goto Fail

Tom and Ash dive into the SSL problem faced by Core Foundation. How could the cluster-mess have been mitigated? What conspiracy theories are out there? We also talk about Objective-Cloud, the Queen, and ReactiveCocoa. Again.

Episode 3 – Just Use Haskell

This time, Tom and Ash talk shop about Objective-C. What's wrong with it? Why is a replacement necessary? We also look at prospective replacements for programming in general, including Facebook's Origami and Urbit.

Episode 2 – Travelling Salesperson

In our second episode, Tom and Ash discuss RubyMotion, Tom's new job, Core Data bugs, Computer Science, sexism on Hacker News, and some (gosh!) web dev stuff. We sure hope you can handle our scale.

Episode 1 – Hello World

In our inaugural episode, Ash and Tom chat about structuring modern Objective-C, OmniGraphSketcher, and other happenings in the open source community. After chatting about the most important skills for developers to have nowadays, they discuss the future of Objective-C.

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